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Mission For Today: Have Some Fun

December 21, 2012

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Video Games At Work

Mission for today: have some fun at work Teams that play together, stay together.  Whether it is Halloween, the last business day before the Christmas break, or a random Thursday afternoon why not have a little fun once in awhile? Some simple things you can do: Play cards Play board games Play video games – […]

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Mission For Today: Have Coffee With Someone New

December 20, 2012


Invite someone to coffee

Mission for today: have coffee with someone new. If you have been with your company or your team for a while, you have probably developed your own social circle. These are the people with whom you talk about the weekend or share photos of your children or pets. You probably take your coffee or lunch […]

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Mission For Today: Share Holiday Treats

December 19, 2012


Sharing holiday treats

Mission for today: share holiday treats with your team This time of year, we are surrounded by all sorts of holiday treats – candies, chocolates, the list goes on.  You may even have too much at home.  As your team winds down for the holiday, why not bring in a treat and share it with […]

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Mission For Today: Ask For Advice

December 18, 2012


Advice Support Help Signpost

Mission for today: ask a team member for advice related to what you are working on. Take the advice. Are you learning from the smart, experienced people around you? Most smart people are happy to share their knowledge, especially when they are asked. They are even happier if you listen and take the advice.

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Mission For Today: Offer Help

December 17, 2012


Team Help

Mission for today: offer your help to a really busy person on your team. Every team has at least one person who is always busy.  Not just normal busy.  Crazy busy.  As the year winds down, this person is likely rushing around trying to get everything done.  He or she may even look more tired or […]

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Mission For Today – The Start

December 15, 2012


Today's Mission

For the past three days on Twitter, I have been tweeting a Mission For Today, asking my followers to do one positive thing at work.  With the holiday season, it’s a small way to create some good cheer around the office and to keep up your own morale during this busy time.  If you missed […]

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