Liza WoodWhenever I tell people I am a Senior Producer/ Production Manager in video game development, reactions range from “Wow! That’s so cool. Must be fun!” to “Oh, you must be insane!” 

Whatever you may have heard about video game development, it is a serious multi-billion dollar industry filled with passionate, creative people who put their hearts into what they do to deliver small to large-budget projects every single year. When we do it well, we push the boundaries of Agile product development.

If you want to learn what it takes to thrive in or create such an environment, then Sockets and Lightbulbs is the blog for you! An outlet for bright ideas on leadership, Agile project management, creativity, outsourcing and your careerSockets and Lightbulbs will help you develop the same human, collaborative, pragmatic leadership style I have evolved from consistently working at companies on the verge of explosive growth and change.

The video game industry today is tackling the same challenges electronics manufacturing  experienced during the telecommunications boom in the late 90s, which software development learned in the early ’00s. Having spent half my career in telecom hardware, half in video game development and dealing with software of all kinds throughout, I am in a unique position to bring forward these lessons and apply them in a new context. While I have often worked for big companies, I have also worked at and run very small companies and most of my career was spent on new product development teams. I have walked the walk, so this isn’t just talk.

If you are reading this blog to learn the inside secrets about my past or present companies, you will be disappointed.  I take the NDAs I have signed very seriously.

Take a look around and if you like what you read, you can stay up-to-date on my future writing by connecting with me on a variety of social networks.


Liza Wood.

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