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Our Love-Hate Relationship With Deadlines

January 27, 2013


Deadlines button

Does this seem familiar? Months before a deadline, the team is relaxed and responds to problems with: “Don’t worry!  We’ve got months to deal with that!”  As months turn into weeks, issues get addressed along the way, but some of the really hard problems continue to hang around. Finally, when the deadline is days away, […]

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Mission For Today: Have Some Fun

December 21, 2012

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Video Games At Work

Mission for today: have some fun at work Teams that play together, stay together.  Whether it is Halloween, the last business day before the Christmas break, or a random Thursday afternoon why not have a little fun once in awhile? Some simple things you can do: Play cards Play board games Play video games – […]

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Mission For Today: Have Coffee With Someone New

December 20, 2012


Invite someone to coffee

Mission for today: have coffee with someone new. If you have been with your company or your team for a while, you have probably developed your own social circle. These are the people with whom you talk about the weekend or share photos of your children or pets. You probably take your coffee or lunch […]

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Mission For Today – The Start

December 15, 2012


Today's Mission

For the past three days on Twitter, I have been tweeting a Mission For Today, asking my followers to do one positive thing at work.  With the holiday season, it’s a small way to create some good cheer around the office and to keep up your own morale during this busy time.  If you missed […]

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Learning From Bad And Good Managers Of My Past

May 21, 2012


A recent Management Essentials training session at work encouraged us to reflect on our experiences rather than just gave us a bunch of management tips out of context.  I have always learned a lot by observing others and I have long said that even less than stellar managers shaped who I am today. One of the exercises was […]

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Search and Rescue – Game Dev Style

December 23, 2011


What would you think if your boss told you that the team was going out into the middle of nowhere for a team building event and to be sure to dress warmly?  What would you expect?  During the first three weeks of my new job, I had the privilege to participate in what turned out […]

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