Be Inspiring

November 17, 2011


Over a year ago, I asked my team to brainstorm some ideas on what each and every person on the team could do to be inspiring to the people around them on a daily basis.   It is important to me that my teams work to rise above the day-to-day grind and that we be the model for the other teams in the company.  As a leader, a lot of that effort does rest on my shoulders, but I cannot do it alone.  Everyone on the team needs to know that they are a part of it and what they can do.  In about 20 minutes, the team came up with many ideas which centred around a handful of key concepts, which I compiled in a classic PowerPoint presentation to kick off the past year.

A little over two weeks ago, I broke up with my job to pursue a new opportunity.  As a personal farewell gift, I wanted to update the presentation and send it out to the team.  Unfortunately, I was busy finishing their annual evaluations and addressing some issues right up to the last minute.  (Seriously, I left at 5:45pm on my last day of work.)   So, over the past few days, I decided to learn Prezi and create what I hope will be a presentation they will remember… in a good way.  I admit, I don’t have the same touch as the Graphic Designers on my team, but I hope they enjoy the spirit of the message.

Click on the photo below to view the presentation, Be Inspiring.  Enjoy!

motivational presentation

Click on the photo to go to Prezi

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After a dozen years leading video game development projects in a variety of roles, I decided to pursue a Master of Data Science at the University of British Columbia. Studying data science doesn’t mean I’m moving away from leading people. Growing data science teams need collaborative, pragmatic, Agile leadership to connect data to all areas of the business. I would like to share that point of view, along with my experiences, on this blog.

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7 Comments on “Be Inspiring”

  1. Jean-Frédéric Says:

    Fantastic 🙂


  2. J-P Says:

    Thanks Liza for inspiring us in many ways 🙂


  3. Houman Sadaghiani Says:

    Hey Liza, it’s Houman!

    Late, I know, but I finally had a look at this and it’s so well put. Thanks for everything you did in my first/your last 2 weeks, and I hope life is treating you well 🙂

    Take care, and keep on being awesome,




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