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Massively Multiplayer… Thumb Wrestling!

November 20, 2013


Today was an exceptionally busy day, so instead of writing a long post I went looking for a humorous TED video instead. We can all use a good laugh on a Wednesday, so enjoy this video of Jane McGonigal teaching the entire TED audience how to player her favourite game: massively multiplayer thumb wrestling! Hmmm… […]

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Games Can Be More Than Just Entertainment

July 15, 2012


Working on a triple-A game is a lot of effort, taking my attention away from blogging.  Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it.  Games are just entertainment, right?  It’s not like we’re doing something to change the world.  I was so delighted to see Jane McGonigal‘s talk:  The game that can give you 10 […]

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Why This Woman Paused The Executive Race

January 15, 2012


After spending the last six years as a director of large central teams, I recently started a job managing a large project where I will only have a handful of direct reports. A few people asked me why I chose to “take a step back”, even though I am part of the senior leadership team […]

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November 21, 2011


I came across Catherine Aurelio’s talk on Gamefication at TEDx Santa Cruz earlier this year.  I enjoyed her thoughtful look at the current trend of gamifying absolutely everything to attract and engage consumers with a product or service.  If you are not familiar with this trend, Catherine does a great job of explaining it.  Sometimes […]

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Improvising By Design: One Woman’s Adventure In Video Games

March 26, 2011


I just got back from Guadalajara, Mexico where I gave a presentation at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, the 2nd largest campus of the largest technical university in Mexico.  The reception from the faculty, students and local industry was wonderful.  Much to my surprise, the auditorium was packed!  Interactive presentations are a […]

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How Do We Get More Women In Tech?

January 9, 2011

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This week Jen Cheng sparked an intelligent discussion on her blog by asking:  Why Are There So Few Women in Tech?.  Women and men shared their views, experiences and wisdom from a variety fields.  It’s clear that only a small percentage of young women are choosing to earn technical degrees, so there are few women […]

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