Project Management Lesson From Star Wars

November 15, 2014

Project Management

When asked what I do, I often tell people “I’m on the Dark Side” as a reference to an engineer’s view of management and/or project management. Little did I realize what Darth Vader’s role was in the construction of the Death Star! I have watched the classic Star Wars movies multiple times and only thought that the opening scene of Return of the Jedi was just establishing Vader’s fearsome character:

Have you worked with Darth Vader and promised to double your efforts? Or worse, have you been Darth Vader?

As much as I joke about being on the Dark Side, I strongly believe the role of leadership is to bring light to the Dark Side. I much prefer this approach to building the Death Star and would probably volunteer to have the chat with Vader:

Axis Agile Stormtroopers Doing Sprint Retrospective

Scrumtrooper Retrospective, courtesy of Axis Agile

Big thanks to Todd Little for sharing the Star Wars clip in his presentation at the Agile Leadership Summit!

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3 Comments on “Project Management Lesson From Star Wars”

  1. Tushar Says:

    Hi, I agree with point of dark side you nicely explained with clear picture with an example of star war scene thank you for this


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