New Year – Let’s Get Re-acquainted

January 4, 2014


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Happy New Year, everyone! With the start of 2014, it’s a good time to get re-acquainted and look ahead at what you can look forward to reading on Sockets and Lightbulbs.

I started this blog over three years ago as an outlet for me to write about ideas on management and leadership. It is still the case, but since I am involved with the Agile community and have always worked in fast-paced environments, what I write about is focussed on these two areas. My posts always reflect what is on my mind. Posts on this blog are inspired by real past conversations, have helped me refine my position before a discussion, or are shared learning experiences from videos and articles I find on the web. As a result, the content on this blog is fairly diverse but leans towards leadership, career and project management/product development topics, which you can continue to expect in 2014. I have recently started writing book reviews, which I plan to do more of this year. Since I currently work in video game development, I will sometimes share content about my industry. However, since I am writing about work-related topics, I have to respect NDAs and social media agreements I have signed with my past and present employers, which puts some limits on what I can/cannot write about.

Outside of work, I volunteer with the PMI’s Agile Community of Practice and with a local social networking group. My husband and I have two cats who love to avoid the camera when we want to take a picture of them and get deeply involved when the subject is something else. On that note, I am an avid hobby photographer. Unless otherwise credited, photos on this blog are my own. I really do enjoy blogging, so I sometimes participate in blogging events such as the Zero to Hero challenge by WordPress this January. (This post covers Day 1 to Day 3 of the challenge.)

If you want to know more about me, check out my About page, check out the books I recommend, like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn. I sometimes share unique content on each of these. In addition, take a look at the list of blogs I follow on the right sidebar.

I am looking forward writing and connecting with you more in 2014. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I enjoy a good challenge!

Some posts that showcase what Sockets and Lightbulbs is about:

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After a dozen years leading video game development projects in a variety of roles, I decided to pursue a Master of Data Science at the University of British Columbia. Studying data science doesn’t mean I’m moving away from leading people. Growing data science teams need collaborative, pragmatic, Agile leadership to connect data to all areas of the business. I would like to share that point of view, along with my experiences, on this blog.

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