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Two Minutes To A More Powerful You

November 3, 2014


Superman and Wonder Woman pose

Communication is much more than what we say; it is also how we say it. With subtle variations in your voice and body language, the same words can carry significantly different messages and will affect how your message is remembered. As a leader, you are constantly communicating with the people around you so it is […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2013: Scrum-ban-planning, Outsourcing, And Being Awesome

December 31, 2013


Metro arrow pointing to the left

Outside of the daily blogging I did in November, I struggled with posting a monthly article for most of 2013. Still, this year Sockets and Lightbulbs continued to grow with 44% more views and, more importantly, a 243% increase in followers on WordPress.com and email. Thank you so much! Reading, liking, commenting and sharing and sharing my […]

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Laura Trice: Remember To Say Thank You

November 29, 2013


girl holding thank you sign

Since it is Thanksgiving Weekend in the US, it’s a good time for all of us to get in touch with our gratitude and to remember to say thank you. This classic video from TED 2008 muses on the power of saying and hearing “Thank You”. Enjoy! More articles on giving thanks: A Week Of […]

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Massively Multiplayer… Thumb Wrestling!

November 20, 2013


Today was an exceptionally busy day, so instead of writing a long post I went looking for a humorous TED video instead. We can all use a good laugh on a Wednesday, so enjoy this video of Jane McGonigal teaching the entire TED audience how to player her favourite game: massively multiplayer thumb wrestling! Hmmm… […]

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Power Of Doodles

November 3, 2013


Drawing of ideas discussed at PMI LIM Oct 2012

Most of us do it. We’ve been embarrassed at least once when we’re caught. Doodling in meetings or in classes is often perceived as a sign of boredom or not paying attention to the discussion. Doodlers insist, though, that it is helping them pay attention. Could doodling be something more than an outlet for restless […]

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9 great talks to watch for Video Games Day

July 8, 2013


Hands holding Sony Playstation PS3 controller

Today is Video Games Day and the folks at TED have curated 9 great TED talks for the occasion. Spanning more than a decade, the talks cover everything from making games for girls, to various aspects of how games are made, to innovations with the controllers, to the benefits of playing video games. Check on […]

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