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Mission For Today: Share Holiday Treats

December 19, 2012


Sharing holiday treats

Mission for today: share holiday treats with your team This time of year, we are surrounded by all sorts of holiday treats – candies, chocolates, the list goes on.  You may even have too much at home.  As your team winds down for the holiday, why not bring in a treat and share it with […]

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Mission For Today: Ask For Advice

December 18, 2012


Advice Support Help Signpost

Mission for today: ask a team member for advice related to what you are working on. Take the advice. Are you learning from the smart, experienced people around you? Most smart people are happy to share their knowledge, especially when they are asked. They are even happier if you listen and take the advice.

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Mission For Today: Offer Help

December 17, 2012


Team Help

Mission for today: offer your help to a really busy person on your team. Every team has at least one person who is always busy.  Not just normal busy.  Crazy busy.  As the year winds down, this person is likely rushing around trying to get everything done.  He or she may even look more tired or […]

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How To Foster Team Creativity

June 3, 2012

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Over the last couple of months, we have had quite a few conversations about how to create an innovative, creative environment for our team and in our company. It all started when the Creative Director for our project circulated a 2008 Harvard Business Review article on How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity.  This article has circulated […]

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How Scrum Can Improve Team Productivity

May 6, 2012


When converting to Scrum or other Agile techniques, managers often wonder whether it will really improve productivity.  The whole process seems chaotic, so how can teams be more productive than traditional project management and development practices? This is the story of three teams in the same department and how we were able to measure their […]

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Visual Project Planning With The Scrum-ban-plan Board

March 11, 2012


Visual Project Board Example

When you start to plan a project where do you start?  Do you open MS Project and start entering tasks?  Do you start building a backlog and apply your favorite Agile planning techniques?  As I mentioned in my Best Scrum-ban-plan Board post, I have been using that board a lot for high level project planning […]

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