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Mission For Today: Thank Someone

November 4, 2013


girl holding thank you sign

Mission For Today: sincerely smile and thank someone for the work they did When was the last time you took a moment, smiled and really thanked someone for the work they did? Concluding your emails with “thanks!” or responding with “thanks” when someone agrees to a request are quick and simple ways to show some […]

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Mission For Today: Smile! It’s Contagious!

February 6, 2013

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Smile Happy Face

Mission for today: Smile!  It’s contagious! Have you noticed that when you smile, the whole world seems to smile with you? When someone approaches you with a smile, you naturally respond with a smile. We can’t help it. Our emotions are contagious. So, the mission for today is to spread some good cheer by simply […]

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