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[Reblog] Don’t Marry Someone You Intend to Change

November 27, 2013


This article partly inspired yesterday’s post on my favourite interview question for new grads. It is so important to hire the right people for the job. The candidate’s strengths need to be a fit for the position and, if he/she is able to learn quickly and autonomously any missing skills can easily be trained. If […]

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My Favourite Interview Question For New Grads

November 26, 2013


While it is important to test new graduates on their knowledge of the fundamentals skills needed for the job, it is even more important to see how they think on their feet. The reality is that they will have to tackle the unknown at work on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not all academic programs do a […]

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Hiring From A Manager’s Perspective Part 3 – Nailing The Interview

June 5, 2011


Woo hoo!  You got a job interview!  You know you are a perfect fit for the job, now you just need to convince the interviewers.  Easy, right?  Hold on.  I have interviewed a lot of people over the years and I keep seeing people make some simple mistakes.  So, to conclude the Hiring From A […]

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Hiring From A Manager’s Perspective – Part 2: Phone Interview Tips

May 30, 2011


For the candidate, the phone interview is both a victory and the first of many tests in the interviewing process.  Some companies skip this step, particularly with local candidates.  Personally, I prefer the phone interview, even if it is a straight forward interview with HR.  As a candidate, it gives me a first impression of […]

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