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Herding Cats

February 9, 2011


I’m late on my weekly post. It’s one of those weeks. So, in honour of the Super Bowl, I thought I would share one of my favorite Super Bowl ads. It still rings true today! Enjoy!

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How To Create Customer Satisfaction

January 30, 2011


A wonderful customer experience

A commenter on one of my posts suggested I write about how companies shift from focusing on “making widgets” to providing customer satisfaction.  What a great suggestion!  Companies known for customer satisfaction don’t just make it one department’s job.  All teams understand their customers and work to make them happy.  Here are some tips to […]

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4 Factors Of Process Improvement Ownership

January 18, 2011


This week’s brief post is inspired by another recent blog article: Brad Power’s Where Have the Process Owners Gone? on the Harvard Business Review website.  I recognize the importance of having a dedicated Process Owners and formal process improvement governance and I would love to work with a company that really makes it work.  Throughout […]

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NPI: Start With The Product

November 7, 2010


Inside our computer

There are three distinct phases in any product’s life cycle:  New Product Introduction (NPI), Sustaining, and End of Life (EOL). Most of the similarities between the industries I have worked in, and the applicable lessons learned, are in the first phase:  NPI. These lessons will be covered through a series of articles, each covering a […]

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