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A Few Favorite Management Books

January 7, 2014


Bookshelf mural made of ceramic tile

I have been reading William Ury’s The Power of a Positive No and enjoying it a lot. I plan on writing a full review once I am finished reading it. I think it is one of those few books that will leave a last impression on me, which inspired me to put together this gallery of […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2013: Scrum-ban-planning, Outsourcing, And Being Awesome

December 31, 2013


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Outside of the daily blogging I did in November, I struggled with posting a monthly article for most of 2013. Still, this year Sockets and Lightbulbs continued to grow with 44% more views and, more importantly, a 243% increase in followers on and email. Thank you so much! Reading, liking, commenting and sharing and sharing my […]

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Become A Person Of Value

December 29, 2013


Statue of Nicolas Copernicus outside the old Montreal planetarium

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.  – Albert Einstein. Year-end reflections are not just about what you did or what happened in your life, it is also a good time to reflect on who you are right now and who you would like to […]

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Power Of Quiet Reflection

December 22, 2013

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Valley view of El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. – Peter Drucker The end of the year can be crazy with family and social obligations, retail madness and annual indulgences. If is also the time to reflect on the past year and think about the year to come. […]

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Be Like A Tree…

December 15, 2013

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Looking up at three California redwood trees

“Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause. Stand firm, grip hard, thrust upward. Bend to the winds of heaven. And learn tranquility.” – Memorial dedication to forester Richard St. Barbe Baker I came across this quote while reading William Ury’s The Power of a Positive No and thought it would be perfect for today’s […]

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Climbing A Great Hill…

December 8, 2013

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View of Half Dome from Glacier Point Yosemite

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” – Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013) With the passing of Nelson Mandela this week, it is only fitting for today’s Super Quote Sunday to be one of his many inspiring leadership quotes. Even more inspiring – Mandela achieved the […]

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