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9 great talks to watch for Video Games Day

July 8, 2013


Hands holding Sony Playstation PS3 controller

Today is Video Games Day and the folks at TED have curated 9 great TED talks for the occasion. Spanning more than a decade, the talks cover everything from making games for girls, to various aspects of how games are made, to innovations with the controllers, to the benefits of playing video games. Check on […]

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Why Paola Antonelli Brought Pac-Man To MoMA

June 12, 2013


Pac-Man marquee arcade machine

As I was preparing to go to E3 this week, I was delighted to see Paola Antonelli’s fascinating talk: “Why I Brought Pac-Man to MoMA“ on TED.   Her reasons for including 14 classic video games in the MoMA collection are that they are all examples of good design.  This collection is to celebrate and preserve […]

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