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Pride and Joy Projects

May 8, 2014


3 full racks of Cisco CRS-1 routers

A common interview question is “What is the project you’re most proud of?” I love asking that question because most candidates light up and relax as they talk about a project they enjoyed. I love answering that question because I get to talk about the project that is still my pride and joy 10 years […]

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Laura Trice: Remember To Say Thank You

November 29, 2013


girl holding thank you sign

Since it is Thanksgiving Weekend in the US, it’s a good time for all of us to get in touch with our gratitude and to remember to say thank you. This classic video from TED 2008 muses on the power of saying and hearing “Thank You”. Enjoy! More articles on giving thanks: A Week Of […]

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Listening: The Key To Leading And Teamwork

November 12, 2013

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Man listening to tin can phone

Have you ever worked with a manager who was a poor listener? Or have you worked with a team that has trouble listening to each other? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be when the people around you don’t seem to be listening. Teamwork is dysfunctional. Debates occur even when people are […]

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Mission For Today: Share Something Positive

November 11, 2013


Futurama's Dr. Farnsworth with "Good News, Everyone!" on chalkboard

Mission for today: find one positive thing happening at work and tell people, including your manager, about it. Ever notice how fast bad news travels around the office? What gets shared first: problems or successes? Particularly on difficult projects, most conversations about work tend to be focussed on the problems being solved rather than successes […]

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Keep Calm And Work Smart

November 7, 2013


KeepCalmStudio.com poster

A reminder for when you have one of those days…

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Breaking The Ice As A Team’s New Manager

November 6, 2013


Old photo of two ice breakers near shore

The flip side of yesterday’s post is being the new manager joining a team or company. Hopefully, you accepted the job because there is some challenge that needs your unique talent. Either the product, the team or the company needs your help to create something great.  You’ve arrived at the first day of your new […]

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