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Top 10 Posts of 2013: Scrum-ban-planning, Outsourcing, And Being Awesome

December 31, 2013


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Outside of the daily blogging I did in November, I struggled with posting a monthly article for most of 2013. Still, this year Sockets and Lightbulbs continued to grow with 44% more views and, more importantly, a 243% increase in followers on WordPress.com and email. Thank you so much! Reading, liking, commenting and sharing and sharing my […]

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Who Owns Quality?

November 13, 2013


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Who owns quality for your product? Whenever I ask that question, I am often met with one or more of the following reactions: A blank stare “Testing/Quality Assurance/Quality Control, of course!” “Management.” (lots of variations on that) “Creative/technical leadership.” So, maybe the better question is: Who defines quality?

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How To Handle Quality With Outsourcing

February 25, 2013


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When you outsource, how far do you push your partners on quality?  When outsourcing digital work (software, digital assets, etc.), it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether your request to fix something is really a change in what you wanted in the first place.  In addition, if you are easily able to make changes yourself, you […]

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