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Portfolio Planning With Benefits Maps and Triggers

November 13, 2014


Building benefit maps at #bscadc pic.twitter.com/6GVx3sDbgF — David Hussman (@davidhussman) November 12, 2014 Inspired by the presentation on coaching and leading Agility to further my product thinking, I decided to learn a lightweight way to set portfolio strategy and priorities. In his presentation, Simplify Project and Portfolio Planning With “Real Options”, Matt Barcomb explained the need for […]

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Happy People Plan…

March 20, 2014


Yellow ball with happy face

Happy people plan actions; they don’t plan results. -Denis Waitley March 20th is International Day of Happiness. Hope everyone had a bit of happiness today!

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Creatives And Project Managers

November 23, 2013


Calendar of Work Hard, Training, Beer

Yesterday, two Art Directors and I had a brief discussion about how to plan for regular training for our art teams. Do we enter it as a task in our production management software? Or do we ensure we have enough slack in our schedule and let the artists self-organize for the training time? One Art […]

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Using The Scrum-Ban-Plan Board To Define Teams

September 30, 2013


As projects wrap-up and start-up, you may have the challenge of accommodating end-of-project vacations, hiring new team members and reforming teams to best meet the needs of the new project.  Teams should be kept together as projects move in and out, but that is not always possible, particularly in some industries. To help you visualize […]

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NPI: Planning In The Innovation Funnel

September 30, 2012


Innovation Funnel

At the beginning of the innovation funnel, concept development is the most creative and exciting stage of new product development.  As discussed in one of my early blog posts, it is critical to have an understanding of what the product will be before rushing off and trying to build it.  But what do you do […]

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How NOT To Implement Agile

July 31, 2012


The following comment was submitted on one of my blog articles. It’s quite a rant about Agile, so I thought it was worth addressing as a full post. Agile is not always implemented in a good way or at the point in the life of an application/product where it can be useful and not disruptive. […]

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