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Manager Math

November 4, 2014


antique cash register

Have you ever needed to make plans out of nothing? You know the situation: the project is barely defined, no one understands yet what needs to be done, and the team is still working on other projects. Still, you need to come up with a budget and build plans on a foundation of something more […]

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Catching Up and Committing

November 1, 2014


Joseph Flahiff holding book at PMI LIM

  What is the best way to fix a blogging drought? Commit to blogging every day for a month! November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), a global event where bloggers commit to posting every day for the entire month. I enjoyed the challenge last year. Considering my track record with posting this year, it […]

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Don’t Confuse Motion And Progress

May 14, 2014


“Don’t confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but doesn’t make any progress.” ~Alfred Montapert As leaders, we love, no, need to see that things are making progress. If we don’t see any progress, we might get impatient and start taking action to get things moving again. This is where we need to keep […]

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Pride and Joy Projects

May 8, 2014


3 full racks of Cisco CRS-1 routers

A common interview question is “What is the project you’re most proud of?” I love asking that question because most candidates light up and relax as they talk about a project they enjoyed. I love answering that question because I get to talk about the project that is still my pride and joy 10 years […]

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Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners: A Review

May 6, 2014


Storm Trooper point at a Scrum Board

  I first discovered Ilan’s Goldstein’s Scrum shortcuts on his blog where I quickly became a fan of his practical advice and personal stories from his years of experience implementing Scrum. Plus, the Scrumtroopers were a lot of fun. So I was delighted to learn he was writing a book that would expand on the nuggets […]

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Creatives And Project Managers

November 23, 2013


Calendar of Work Hard, Training, Beer

Yesterday, two Art Directors and I had a brief discussion about how to plan for regular training for our art teams. Do we enter it as a task in our production management software? Or do we ensure we have enough slack in our schedule and let the artists self-organize for the training time? One Art […]

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