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Learning Kanban Fundamentals: Kanban Racing Challenge

November 12, 2014


Racing remote control car around an obstacle course

“The Kanban Racing Challenge is an immersive workshop where you learn the basic practices of a Kanban team by building an obstacle course for radio-controlled cars.” Really? Build an obstacle course, race a remote-controlled car and practice Kanban in a half-day workshop? Sign me up! This was the first time Nate Oster ran the Kanban Racing […]

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NPI: Planning In The Innovation Funnel

September 30, 2012


Innovation Funnel

At the beginning of the innovation funnel, concept development is the most creative and exciting stage of new product development.  As discussed in one of my early blog posts, it is critical to have an understanding of what the product will be before rushing off and trying to build it.  But what do you do […]

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