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How To Use Kanban To Get Organized At Home

January 26, 2014


Home office Kanban corkboard

In January many of us resolve to get more organized at home and try to bring some more sanity to our busy lives. Last year, a designer on my team gave me the ultimate compliment: she and her boyfriend were using my Scrum-ban-plan board at home.  She has become such an enthusiast of using the […]

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Creatives And Project Managers

November 23, 2013


Calendar of Work Hard, Training, Beer

Yesterday, two Art Directors and I had a brief discussion about how to plan for regular training for our art teams. Do we enter it as a task in our production management software? Or do we ensure we have enough slack in our schedule and let the artists self-organize for the training time? One Art […]

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Breaking The Ice With A New Manager

November 5, 2013


Ice breaker ship navigating through arctic waters

You’ve heard about the new manager. His arrival was announced a few weeks ago. You and your friends at work have been speculating. Will he be different? What changes will he make? Soon enough, the day – and the new manager – has arrived. He is now sitting by the team. How do you break […]

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Leaders Need To Get Their Hands Dirty

November 3, 2013


Dirty hands planting fresh green herbs in a planter

Who are the leaders you respect most? Are they the managers in the corner office you rarely see? Or are they the guys that walk around the office and roll up their sleeves to help out when the “stuff” hits the fan? Early in my career, I had the privilege of working with an executive […]

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Keys To Successful Outsourcing: How To Make Your Clients Happy

March 24, 2013


Yellow ball with happy face

Ever feel like your outsourcing partner just doesn’t “get” you, your product or your business?  Having worked with many different outsourcers across a few different industries, I have developed a good sense of what makes a good partner.  Here are a few things I wish all outsourcers understood about how to make clients happy. Do […]

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