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Reflections on Coaching and Leading Agility

November 12, 2014


Furious George band getting project managers to dance

When you are bringing together an Agile team, are you hiring rock stars or building bands? That was one of the many points in David Hussman‘s tutorial “Coaching and Leading Agility: Tuning Agile Practices” at Agile Development Conference East 2014. Hussman blended his discussion on coaching techniques we can apply with our team at the same […]

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Wisdom From The Mug Of Truth

February 27, 2011


I would never have predicted that a mug from a university summer job would become an important coaching tool for software developers, managers and executives more than fifteen years later!   Two programmers dubbed what is now my pen holder the Mug of Truth after I referred to the wise words from Confucius written on it […]

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