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What I Loved About Cisco

May 11, 2011


Last week Bloomberg published an article about Cisco Systems that made me sad.  It describes the effects of a management process put in place shortly after I left the company.  According to the article, it has slowed down the company, led to executive resignations and damaged the predictability of quarterly results.  For those of you […]

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Diverse Teams: Are They Worth It?

April 23, 2011


Have you ever had one of those moments where you wished everyone on your team was more like you?  Communication would be so much easier and everyone would just get along all the time.  Or so we think.  What about creativity and innovation?  Aren’t diverse teams better for coming up with novel ideas?  I am […]

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How To Create Customer Satisfaction

January 30, 2011


A wonderful customer experience

A commenter on one of my posts suggested I write about how companies shift from focusing on “making widgets” to providing customer satisfaction.  What a great suggestion!  Companies known for customer satisfaction don’t just make it one department’s job.  All teams understand their customers and work to make them happy.  Here are some tips to […]

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Must… Resist… The “Brother-In-Law Network”

January 24, 2011


All too often, the following conversation happens in businesses everywhere: “We need to find someone to help us make this widget.” – “I have a friend/relative/golf buddy who does that.  Let’s go with them!” Doing business with someone you know through personal connections is a common practice.  It has its benefits:  you think you know […]

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