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Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners: A Review

May 6, 2014


Storm Trooper point at a Scrum Board

  I first discovered Ilan’s Goldstein’s Scrum shortcuts on his blog where I quickly became a fan of his practical advice and personal stories from his years of experience implementing Scrum. Plus, the Scrumtroopers were a lot of fun. So I was delighted to learn he was writing a book that would expand on the nuggets […]

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How To Use Kanban To Get Organized At Home

January 26, 2014


Home office Kanban corkboard

In January many of us resolve to get more organized at home and try to bring some more sanity to our busy lives. Last year, a designer on my team gave me the ultimate compliment: she and her boyfriend were using my Scrum-ban-plan board at home.  She has become such an enthusiast of using the […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2013: Scrum-ban-planning, Outsourcing, And Being Awesome

December 31, 2013


Metro arrow pointing to the left

Outside of the daily blogging I did in November, I struggled with posting a monthly article for most of 2013. Still, this year Sockets and Lightbulbs continued to grow with 44% more views and, more importantly, a 243% increase in followers on and email. Thank you so much! Reading, liking, commenting and sharing and sharing my […]

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Why Wearing Two Hats Is A Bad Idea

November 19, 2013


Mural of the two faces of the Roman god Janus

In many companies and industries there has been a trend to combine “management” roles in an effort to reduce costs or improve efficiency. Personally, I first noticed this trend with combining project management and functional management roles. The reasoning is that any competent manager should be able to handle the project management duties for their […]

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Who Owns Quality?

November 13, 2013


Two guys giving their thumbs up

Who owns quality for your product? Whenever I ask that question, I am often met with one or more of the following reactions: A blank stare “Testing/Quality Assurance/Quality Control, of course!” “Management.” (lots of variations on that) “Creative/technical leadership.” So, maybe the better question is: Who defines quality?

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Using The Scrum-Ban-Plan Board To Define Teams

September 30, 2013


As projects wrap-up and start-up, you may have the challenge of accommodating end-of-project vacations, hiring new team members and reforming teams to best meet the needs of the new project.  Teams should be kept together as projects move in and out, but that is not always possible, particularly in some industries. To help you visualize […]

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