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Mission For Today: Share Something Positive

November 11, 2013


Futurama's Dr. Farnsworth with "Good News, Everyone!" on chalkboard

Mission for today: find one positive thing happening at work and tell people, including your manager, about it. Ever notice how fast bad news travels around the office? What gets shared first: problems or successes? Particularly on difficult projects, most conversations about work tend to be focussed on the problems being solved rather than successes […]

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Mission For Today: Thank Someone

November 4, 2013


girl holding thank you sign

Mission For Today: sincerely smile and thank someone for the work they did When was the last time you took a moment, smiled and really thanked someone for the work they did? Concluding your emails with “thanks!” or responding with “thanks” when someone agrees to a request are quick and simple ways to show some […]

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Mission For Today: Ask And Listen

April 2, 2013


Lego Darth Vader should listen to Luke

Mission For Today: Ask Someone What Is Important To Them At Work. Listen. You have been sitting next to and working with Luke for six months.  You greet each other every morning, talk about the weekend, and ask about the kids.  How well do you really know Luke?  Do you know what he likes best […]

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Mission For Today: Smile! It’s Contagious!

February 6, 2013

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Smile Happy Face

Mission for today: Smile!  It’s contagious! Have you noticed that when you smile, the whole world seems to smile with you? When someone approaches you with a smile, you naturally respond with a smile. We can’t help it. Our emotions are contagious. So, the mission for today is to spread some good cheer by simply […]

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Mission For Today: Have Some Fun

December 21, 2012

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Video Games At Work

Mission for today: have some fun at work Teams that play together, stay together.  Whether it is Halloween, the last business day before the Christmas break, or a random Thursday afternoon why not have a little fun once in awhile? Some simple things you can do: Play cards Play board games Play video games – […]

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Mission For Today: Have Coffee With Someone New

December 20, 2012


Invite someone to coffee

Mission for today: have coffee with someone new. If you have been with your company or your team for a while, you have probably developed your own social circle. These are the people with whom you talk about the weekend or share photos of your children or pets. You probably take your coffee or lunch […]

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