Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Promoting Your Blog On Facebook

March 28, 2012


Bloggiesta's mascot, Pedro

Welcome to the Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge on promoting your blog on Facebook.  With nearly 800 million users, it is the largest social network, making it an excellent platform to let the world know about your blog.  This mini-challenge will guide you through some easy and (mostly) free ways to do that.

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To Complete This Challenge

Follow one or more of the steps below.  Once you have completed them, share what you have done in the comments.  To qualify for the prize draw, include links to your blog post with a Facebook “Like” button or to your Facebook Fan Page for your blog.  If you discover any tips or tricks along the way, please share them in the comments.

1. Have Facebook “Like” buttons on every post

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita de...A button for your readers to “Like” your posts and share that on Facebook is the easiest way to promote your blog on Facebook.  It is also the easiest way for your readers to share what they have read with their friends.  The instructions on how add a “Like” button to your posts for the major blogging platforms are as follows…

  • The wonderful Happiness Engineers at provide all the details on how to do it with this article on Sharing.
  • The easiest way to add the “Like” button to your self-hosted blog is with the following plugin.
  • If you’re using Blogger, you will need to modify the HTML code for your theme.  The simplest set of instructions I was able to find was on Mad Tomato.  Note: if you’re using the new Blogger interface, you will have to switch back to the old interface to follow the instructions.
  • Typepad also made it really easy to add the button.  You can find the instructions on how to do it on their blog.

2. Set up a Facebook Fan Page for your blog

Most blogging platforms have tools to automatically publicize new posts on Facebook (see #3 below).  You can use those tools to publicize your posts to your friends and family on your own Facebook page, or you can set up a Facebook Page for your blog and share with a much wider audience.  Since a Facebook Page is open to everyone, your followers can come from anywhere.  With a separate page for your blog, you can also keep your personal life on Facebook private.  Just remember to only publicize small excerpts on your page and include links back to your blog.  The goal is to always direct your audience to your blog.

How to create a Facebook Page for your blog:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Brand or Product“.
  3. For Choose a Category, select “Website
  4. Enter your blog’s name in the text field (ex. MyBlog or MyBlog Fan Page)
  5. Check “I agree to Facebook Pages terms” then click the “Get Started” button

Check out the Facebook page I set up for this blog.

3. Automatically publicize your posts on your Facebook feed

There are a variety of tools you can use to automatically publicize new posts on Facebook.  Whenever you publish a new post, these tools will put a few lines and an image from your post, along with a link to the full post, on your Facebook wall or on your Facebook Page.  Instructions on how to do this with the major blogging platforms:

  • For users, the Happiness Engineers included the instructions in an article on Publicizing.
  • Typepad also includes tools for publicizing on Facebook.  You can read about it on their blog.
  • For Blogger, self-hosted, or other platforms that do not have Facebook sharing tools, I recommend using a simple Facebook application called Networked Blogs.

4. Facebook ads

If you want to invest some money into promoting your blog, you can create a Facebook ad. With 800 million people on Facebook, you will reach a very broad audience with a relatively small investment. I have to admit that I have not tried this myself, but my blog is not a business nor a part of my business.  If I were using my blog to sell a product or service, I would consider investing in a Facebook ad.  For more information, see the Facebook ad page.

Share Your Experiences

Please share your experiences with sharing your blog on Facebook in the comments below and feel free to share a link to your blog’s page on Facebook.  We would also love to hear about any tips or tricks you discover along the way.

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About Liza Wood

After a dozen years leading video game development projects in a variety of roles, I decided to pursue a Master of Data Science at the University of British Columbia. Studying data science doesn’t mean I’m moving away from leading people. Growing data science teams need collaborative, pragmatic, Agile leadership to connect data to all areas of the business. I would like to share that point of view, along with my experiences, on this blog.

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99 Comments on “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Promoting Your Blog On Facebook”

  1. Amanda Says:

    For those on self-hosted WP blogs, you can add a fb like button through the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack is a must if you want stats and shortcodes anyway, and it gives you the same sharing options that does.

    I also use to automatically post to Facebook (and Twitter, actually). I like it better than Networked Blogs, as NB puts that little bar at the top of your screen whenever you click the link.

    Great post!


    • Liza Says:

      Thanks so much, Amanda. The other plugins I had read about seemed complicated to install. Are the two you suggested easy to install?


      • Amanda Says:

        Jetpack is easy to install, especially if you already have a account (you just connect everything by logging in using your account and you get all the features). is a website, not a plugin. It was easy enough to use.

    • novalibrarymom Says:

      Thanks, Amanda, for posting this! I’m not a fan of Networked Blogs, and was new to me. Just added it, though, so we’ll see how it goes!


      • Amanda Says:

        Hope it works for you! I basically just set it up to automatically post to Facebook (and Twitter) and haven’t had to go back since. But you can also schedule tweets with

  2. Jacinda (@ReadingWifeJac) Says:

    I don’t have a like button on every post…I might need to do this! I will come back by!


  3. Gone with the Words (@gonewiththeword) Says:

    Great post, Liza! I have had a FB fan page for the blog for a while now and it’s a great way to share your posts with people who don’t use twitter or blog readers!


  4. Tanya Patrice Says:

    Niec post. I just put the twitter button on my posts because of this. Working on adding the Facebook like button tomorrow.


  5. Jen Says:

    Thanks, what an informative post!

    I have a Facebook page at and unlike it but it is changing to the timeline format soon. I was wondering what everyone is doing for their blog page cover photo. Should I put in my header or what should I do?


  6. Uniflame Says:

    I have added the like buttons to my two blospot blogs! Thanks! I was looking for this! They are now below every post 🙂 Now I only need to find one for twitter and pinterest.

    For my Dutch girly blog that I co- write with a friend I am considering to make a facebook page for the blog, but my other blogs I just publish on my personal facebook page. I use feedreader for this. It does twitter too, so my posts get automatically posted on facebook.


  7. Uniflame Says:

    I typed a longer comment but I had to login and then it ate it..? 😦

    Anyway I added this to my two blogger bolgs 🙂 I was looking for this, thanks!! My posts already are posted on my personal facebook pages using feedreader, it does twitter too 🙂


    • Liza Says:

      Your first comment wasn’t eaten, it was just awaiting moderation since I have comment moderation on this blog. Hmmm… that’s something I should check – make sure that commenters are told that their comment is awaiting moderation. Anyway, thanks for doing this challenge and that it has been helpful for you 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion for feedreader!


  8. Kelsey Says:

    Thanks for all this! I created a Facebook page a few days ago 🙂 My blog isn’t self-hosted, so I have the share option at the bottom of every post, as well I use to post them automatically to my FB Page.
    Here’s to my blog:

    And my FB:


  9. Chachic Says:

    Thank you for this mini-challenge! 😀 My blog has a Facebook page ( because I like keeping blog-related stuff separate from my personal profile (and I’m pretty sure my real life friends appreciate that). I had no idea I can set my WordPress posts to automatically be posted on my Facebook page, I thought it only had the option to post on my personal page. So it wasn’t until I saw this informative mini-challenge that I decided to link WordPress the the Facebook page. Yay, no need to manually post links for every new post.

    Happy Bloggiesta!


  10. Jen Vincent (@mentortexts) Says:

    Thank you for this!!!! I was able to do step 2 and 3. I set up a Facebook page and then set it up through Networked Blogs for it to automatically post to the FB page. Fun! I can’t figure out how to add the button to the posts…maybe my blog partner can do that!



  11. Kristilyn (Reading In Winter) Says:

    I have a Facebook page for my blog … I think I started it late last year? I actually really like following blogs on Facebook. I also like that I can share certain posts from other FB pages on mine, like a cover, or a quote or something.

    I have Networked Blogs, which adds my posts to FB … and I love the new format! I used my header from my blog for the FB page. It worked out well!

    Thanks for the post!


  12. zaraalexis Says:

    Yup! This first challenge has been completed from #1-3. The Bibliotaphe’s Closet page is on FB:

    I put a FB widget on my page for followers to like my page. And the WordPress plug-in allows a FB sharing button for each post.


    Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez
    On Twitter: @ZaraAlexis


    • Liza Says:

      Facebook page looks great! For some weird reason, the link you posted here didn’t work, but I can’t seem to figure out why. However, if I search for your page on Facebook, I can find it right away 🙂


  13. Amy Says:

    Thank you so much! I wanted to put a Facebook “Like” button on my posts, Since I use Blogger at the moment, anyway, I followed the directions for Mad Tomato and they worked. The only thing I’m not sure about is when I did a test post, the “Like” button showed but it said next to it, “8 people like this. Be the first of your friends to…” I don’t know why it said 8 people! But the “Like” button is there and can be clicked!

    Thank you, Liza!!


  14. Amy Says:

    I’m back again because I just added Networked Blogs widget to my blog. I’ve been wondering how to do that! I’m not sure how this helps put my blog posts on Facebook but I’ll figure that out!.

    Thanks again, Liza!


    • Liza Says:

      Once everything is synced, it will automatically put a small excerpt from your blog post, an image (if you have one) and a link back to the post on your personal or your blog’s Facebook page timeline (depending on what you set up). It’s automagic 🙂


  15. zoealea Says:

    I have a Facebook page for my blog! I made is last year.
    This morning I added a program that automatically posts to my FB page with links to my most recent blog posts.

    Thanks for the tips!


  16. Radiant Shadows (@RadiantShadowss) Says:

    I’ve wanted to have Facebook “Like” buttons on my blog for ages, but never bothered to figure out how to do it! I wasn’t able to get it to work using the Blogger link you provided, but I did find this helpful guide and now I’m all set up!

    Radiant Shadows

    Find Radiant Shadows on Facebook here!


    • Liza Says:

      Thanks so much for the alternate suggestion for adding Like buttons to Blogger posts. It’s a bit tricky, so any suggestion on simpler instructions is much appreciated 🙂


  17. catthelibrarian Says:

    Woo hoo! I made it through all three!

    My blog (
    Facebook Fan Page (

    Thanks for hosting the mini challenge!


  18. ephrielle Says:

    I really struggled to get the like button to work. I finally gave up but it is almost right where I want it. I was also able to update or fix my facebook page. Facebooks stumps me a bit and I am grateful for the help. Thanks again.

    Hope, Love, and Happy Endings

    Hope, Love, and Happy Endings (Facebook)


  19. ephrielle Says:

    I really struggled getting the like button to work. It just wouldn’t show up and when it finally did it was in the wrong place. After a long time I managed to get it close to where I want it. So that is good enough for now. I already had a page but it wasn’t working so I fiddled with that. I still don’t understand the auto feed. I have Network Blogs but I guess I need to figure it out. Regardless, I can post from my blog to facebook so it works out anyway. Thank you for the help.

    Hope, Love, and Happy Endings

    Hope, Love, and Happy Endings (Facebook)


  20. Sara Kovach Says:

    My new facebook page: (thanks, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and just getting to it!) I also added the like buttons to my pages. I could not figure that out prior to reading your post, so thanks a ton. This challenge has been wonderful!!!


  21. Charlie Quillen Says:

    Thank thank thank you for holding this mini-challenge! I have wanted to do this forever, and now I have!

    Facebook fan page:
    Life Happens Facebook Page

    Blog page (with Like Buttons)
    Life Happens

    I’m soooo excited! Thanks for the tip about having to revert to the old blogger to edit this html code. I would never have figured it out. 😉


  22. kai charles (@YogiKai) Says:

    Thanks so much! My posts already have a facebook share link at

    My new facebook page is at


  23. Jasmine Rose Says:

    I’ve been wishy washy about creating an FB page for my blog for quite some time now, but when I saw this challenge I decided to just go ahead and do it!

    It still needs a lot of work, but now I have a shiny new FB page and I set up NetworkedBlogs too :]

    Look, there it is —>


  24. heidenkind Says:

    I created a fan page for one of my blogs, and linked it to the blog’s feed with Networked Blogs, so hopefully that will make the FB like button work. I’m going to try it out tomorrow–in the past it didn’t do anything.


  25. Sheila (Book Journey) Says:

    Great challenge! You helped me figure out the Facebook like button which is now displayed on every post on my blog! Thanks 🙂


  26. Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter Says:

    I have “like” buttons on my posts and a Facebook Fan Page

    Fan Page
    Like Buttons

    Thanks for hosting a mini challenge! They certainly are helping me get things off my check off list. 🙂


  27. Lucybird Says:

    I have been thinking about setting up a facebook page for a while so Bloggiesta was the perfect opportunity, and this was very helpful, thank you 🙂

    I found just one problem and that was connecting my page to my blog (I’m on wordpress) I found I had to disconnect then re-connect for wordpress to find my page.

    Certainly it was easier and quicker than I had anticipated.

    ‘Like’ me on Facebook


  28. L Says:

    I really like how clearly you lay everything out with such helpful links. I noticed wordpress had added more “share” options since I’d first set them up: like Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. Was glad I checked that.

    I very recently built a FB page. I decided to do it, so as to not inundate my uninterested friends with book-stuff, and I can link more interesting posts/reviews for my non-twitter friends. I need to work on the page look more though..sigh.

    thanks for this very helpful post!


  29. icedteaspoon Says:

    Does it count if I have already done this? I did do it this week (before I heard of #bloggiesta!) Here’s my fb page: and here’s my blog where each entry has the social media links:



  30. Kayla @ Bengal Reads Says:

    Thanks so much for this post!! It has helped me SO much!! I have tried to make a FB page for my blog in the past and was very unsuccessful, but I finally did it 😀 I didn’t know you could post your blog posts on Facebook using Networked Blogs! Thanks so much for your help, If you would like to see the FB page for my blog here is the link

    Again, Thank you!
    Kayla Graham
    Bengal Reads


  31. Bengal Reads (@BengalReads) Says:

    Thanks so much for this post and for all of your help! I have tried to make a FB page for my blog and was unsuccessful in the past until now! I finally made it thanks to your post 😀 Here is the link to it if you would like to check it out

    Thanks so much… loving Blogiesta 2012 (this is my first time participating)!!!
    Kayla Graham
    Bengal Reads


  32. Laura Ashlee Says:

    Thanks so much for this. I’ve had a Facebook page for my blog for ages, but I’ve never thought about putting a like button on my posts.


  33. jennielyse Says:

    My posts to my Facebook page are always snippets so that people actually have to come to my blog to read the full post. But, I’ve noticed that people would rather comment about the post on Facebook than post a comment on my blog. Have you noticed that happening to you at all?


  34. jennielyse Says:

    My Facebook page only posts snippets of my blog posts so people have to go to my blog to read the full post. But, I’ve noticed that people would rather comment about the post on Facebook than post a comment on my blog. Have you noticed that at all?


    • Liza Says:

      Yeah, it happens to me all the time. Too bad there isn’t an app that links them (or at least I haven’t found one yet). Even though it isn’t in the ideal location, I’m still happy that people are talking about my blog posts.


      • jennielyse Says:

        That’s kind of how I’ve tried to look at it. Glad it’s not just happening to me, lol. And, sorry I commented twice. I wasn’t sure if the first time went through because I hadn’t logged in.

  35. Jenn Says:

    I added the Facebook Like button! 🙂 Only wish it was level with my other social media buttons, but I can’t complain. Thanks for the tips! 🙂


  36. novalibrarymom Says:

    I added FB like to my posts. I have a FB fan page, but I admit it’s not very exciting. Maybe someday! Something to keep working on 🙂


  37. vidyatiru Says:

    I did # 1 above.. still contemplating on #2 (and hence #3)..
    should I bite the bullet and do them as well? @LadyInReadVT


    • Liza Says:

      You can do #3 without doing #2. Depends on how you use your Facebook profile. My friends have been very supportive (and loyal) followers of my blog, but I only post once a week. Either way, adding the “like” button to your posts is the most important!


  38. Iris Says:

    Thank you for explaining this so well. I had been looking into setting up a facebook page, but I never knew which category to choose, etcetera. I now have facebook buttons (though they don’t say “like” but “share”) on each of my blog posts, and I have set up my very own facebook page:

    Thanks so much!


  39. Jacinda (@ReadingWifeJac) Says:

    I already had a Facebook page and it already automatically gets my blog posts through Networked Blogs, but I needed to work on a Like button…and I did it! So very simple! <–a post with the like button

    My Facebook page:

    I also added my new logos to my Facebook page! 🙂


  40. Leah Marie @ Reading With My Eyes Shut Says:

    Thanks for this, I’ve been meaning to create a facebook page for awhile now, and this was the perfect time to do it. And the link for adding the like button to blogger posts was perfect. I’m not all connected up!

    I wanted to add that my favorite tool for getting my blog posts sent to twitter and facebook is a website called It does all the work for me to get the post where ever I want it to go. Its pretty awesome.



  41. janicu Says:

    OK, I did it! I finally created a Facebook page! This is me. It’s bare bones right now, but I have also connected wordpress to it so it will update to facebook when I post there, I hope.


  42. Leeswammes Says:

    Thanks for this challenge. I only did the first part, i.e., add a Facebook Like button. I thought I had one, but it was a facebook share button. In WordPress, it turned out you can change these buttons in the settings, so now I have the “official” buttons and I made sure you can also see them when you’re on the home page – earlier you could only see them if you were on the page for the actual post.

    Thanks, I’m very happy with this improvement.


  43. ladyofnarnia Says:
    Here’s my Facebook page for my blog. It’s sort of like a companion page. I share tons of giveaways that I find as well as post reminders about local events and share other more random info that I wouldn’t make into a blog post. I also share links to my blog posts, via the FB share buttons at the bottom of each post. I used to have it set up through FB for my blog to automatically post to FB, but it made the posts into notes and it wasn’t attractive at all. So now I do the share instead. I’m about to look into networked blogs though.
    As part of Bloggiesta I added the FB like button into my site’s HTML. It now appears at the bottom of each post next to the “pinit” button.
    Thank you for you post and mini-challenge! This is my first Bloggiesta and it’s going really great!


    • ladyofnarnia Says:

      I have two other Facebook pages aside form my personal page. Is there a way to ONLY post to my book page from Networked blogs? It looks like Networkedblogs wants to “quick publish” to all three of my pages.


  44. missremmers Says:

    I think this went overall okay. I’m still having a hard time getting the FB like button to be right above my content in posts – but I created a FB page for my blog and used Networked Blogs to publish automatically on Facebook! Great challenge!


  45. MelissaW Says:

    I finally figured out how Networked Blogs gets the blog feed into the fan page – that’s not an intuitive program!


    • Liza Says:

      It’s the one I was most familiar with, which is why I recommended it. Other participants suggested and twitterfeed. I’ll add those suggestions to the main blog post after Bloggiesta is done.


  46. midnightbookworm Says:

    I added “Like” buttons to all of my posts! & I created a FB Fan Page (a few days before Bloggiesta started, but it’s only got 2 likes, so it’s still new) <for the Like buttons <FB Fan Page


  47. midnightbookworm Says:

    I added Like buttons & made a fan page (a few days before Bloggiesta started but it’s still very new) <Like Buttons <FB Fan Page 🙂


  48. Abigail @ The Story Factory Reading Zone Says:

    Thanks for this. I already had a facebook fan page and feeds from my blog, but I didn’t have a like button. Set one up now- pretty easy using the instructions for blogger


  49. Roslyn Stjean Says:

    At this time it seems like WordPress is the preferred blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?


  50. Yasmin Runkel Says:

    Only wanna remark that you have a very decent website , I the layout it actually stands out.


  51. Gartenmoebel Says:

    Thank you for sharing!


  52. Ceinwenn Says:

    One very important thing you have unfortunately left out. I have a personal facebook account, under my real name. My blog is not under my real name. I created the facebook page & unfortunately selected the option for the page only, as in didn’t have an existing facebook account, because I don’t have one for the “name” I use on my blog. Because of this, I now cannot link my blog to facebook because I don’t have a personal account for that name….You cannot currently link wordpress blogs to facebook pages which don’t also have a person attached to them & I can’t create a personal account for that “person” because facebook now says I already have an existing account for that name.


    • Liza Says:

      I am so sorry! That is certainly not a case that I had considered. I didn’t even think Facebook would let someone set up a page without an account. Have you tried contacting WP support about connecting to a Facebook page directly without a personal account?


      • Audrey D Wilkerson (@InkandPage) Says:

        Originally you could not make a fan page without having an account. Are you sure your fan page is not connected to your personal page? You would know by looking at your account settings. Also, if you are on your personal page, at the top of the screen should be a drop down box next to “Home.” Look there and see if your fan page appears there. There’s a thing called Networked Blogs that has a facebook app that you can use to tie your blog to your personal account. You have to have 4 or 5 people follow you to prove this is your blog. Let me know if this works?

      • Ceinwenn Says:

        That’s ok, I suspect it’s one of those things that until it happens you have no reason to consider it happening. Unfortunately, you can’t currently do it unless there is a person on the end of the page! WordPress will not let you link it to facebook that way. In the end I had to delete the page I had created, log in as the real me & create the page for my blog as the real me, hoping against hope that it would not link it to my profile (I like my anonynmity, or the persona that exists on my blog). Luckily it worked. The page exists on facebook & you cannot tell that it is linked to the “real” me.

  53. Margarette Diffenderfer Says:

    Your website was tweeted by a friend yesterday. Figured I’d give it a look. Best decision ever.


  54. Liyana Says:

    Great post! I finally set a page up for my book blog. Thanks!


  55. Colleen Says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I just created a Facebook page for my blog the other night. Decided it was time to give in to the fact that *everyone* uses Facebook, and like you say it really is a great way to promote my blog.

    Colleen (@xedri)



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